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Choreography with a plant

residentie 20/6 > 3/7/2016

U bent van harte uitgenodigd op de publieke presentatie van het onderzoek 
vrijdag 1 juli vanaf 19u.

Gratis zoals altijd.

Description of the project/research I will be developing at Zsenne Art Laboratory residency.

How could one write a scientific biography through an encounter with a plant?

Departing from emotions kept within us, the writing of what we may call a scientific biography can be unfolded.

In the piece A Choreography with a plant, I will use an interviewing methodology based in 3D-knowledge to put questions to a plant in order to unfold this writing:

-Physical questions: based on the study of the spatiality, physicality and musicality of the bodies.

-Mental questions: based on a mindful exploration of the object and its performance.

-Emotional questions: based on affective parameters departing from emotions kept within us.

The questionnaire will be translated through authentic movement, body-mind centering and butoh practices.